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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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An Extraordinary Perspective on the UFO/ET Phenomenon and the Danger of Disclosure

hitely Strieber (perhaps the most famous of the alleged "alien contactees" on the planet) has written a fascinating and provocative article about the dangers of open contact with these "visitors" from another reality. In the opening paragraphs he states:

"Every few weeks, it seems, another announcement appears claiming that some authoritative group, usually involving the pope, the president, Edgar Mitchell and whomever, is about to announce that UFOs are no longer unknown, but are alien craft. I've been hearing about pending announcements like this for as long as I've had an interest in the subject, and they have always worried me. They worry me more than ever now.

"We are not in any way prepared for such an announcement, but the reason is not as straightforward as it may seem. There isn't likely to be any panic, at least not initially, but later there is apt to be. This isn't for the reason that Stephen Hawking recently suggested, that aliens might prove to be hostile, but because our visitors, if they are aliens in the conventional meaning of that word, are very, very different from us.

"One person who is never mentioned among those who might be involved in the disclosure process is me. Instead of allowing one of the very few people on earth, or indeed in its history, to have had much open contact to participate in the process in any way, I'm not simply marginalized, but carefully ignored on the theory that what I have to say would be too bizarre for people to accept."

Strieber then goes on to elaborate on how he has come to perceive the true nature of the "visitors" and just how bizarrely different they are from us.

"I believe that our visitors have a...hypercortex, them vastly more access to reality than we have. It provides them with the power to alter reality on the informational level, meaning that, for them, physics is not a set of laws that cannot be changed, but a tool that is easily amenable to manipulation.

"We see the world in a linear format that is imposed on us by the structure of the human brain. They see it on the vastly larger scale that a hypercortex with all of its additional properties provides them."

It is this extreme difference, Strieber suggests, that presents the danger.

"...if they appear here in numbers, they will not only enter our physical world, they will enter our minds. And, I can assure, you, that kind of contact is as hard a thing as a human being can experience. It is an agony beyond terror. I know. I have been there. "

Strieber is not saying full-scale contact with the aliens is impossible. He believes it is possible "...if we do this intelligently. We could make contact work, and take a huge leap forward as a species, rather than remaining as we are now in the nursery, or throwing ourselves off the cliff of premature contact." Strieber offers his suggestions about how to begin this process.

It's quite a thought-provoking article and, yes, the ideas presented will seem bizarre to some readers. Nevertheless, if you're intrigued by the UFO/ET phenomenon and the issue of full scale contact with the "visitors" then this article may give you a whole new perspective on the situation. Read the whole article here: