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Friday, January 7, 2011

Bird and Fish Die-off conspiracy theory: Connecting The Dots

Bird and Fish Die-off conspiracy theory gets more interesting as dots are connected between (1) HAARP, (2) weather modification, (3) the FEMA emergency exercise scheduled to take place in Arkansas in May and (4) the New Madrid faultline. But in order for any of this to make sense, you need to know what "HAARP" is. If you don't know what HAARP is, check this out first:

Now, on with connecting dots. Someone noticed that HAARP deleted (or conveniently "lost") its data records from the day prior to the big Haiti earthquake of last year. How does this relate back to the bird and fish situation? There are two sources of information to look at:

This video:!

And this page, which is a commentary on that video:

That commentary page notes that there is no confirmation that permanent Digisonde devices are located at the triangulated bird-die-off points but suggests that there might be such a thing as mobile Digisonde units that could be placed anywhere and then removed at any time. I found confirmation that mobile Digisonde units do, in fact, exist and were created at The University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Center for Atmospheric Research (UMLCAR). Photos and details:

If you check out the videos and web pages that I've posted here you'll see how these dots become connnected. Is it all just "coincidence"? Are these things all "unrelated" to each other as the "officials" on the TV news are telling us? I don't know, but all enough to make you go, "Hmm..." or maybe just a flat out "WTF!".