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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Crop Circle Similarities to Drone UFO case!

This crop circle appeared in the fields near Alton Barnes, England on or near July 26, 2010.

I recognized the similarities between this crop circle and...

1. the CARET "script" in the documents posted to the internet by "Isaac" in 2007.

2. The "Drone" UFO case from 2007.

Here are some images I put together to show some comparisons:

First image:
The "Football" shape in the crop circle stood out to me. Then when I looked at the image from the CARET documents at first I thought they were the same. But when I put the two side by side I could see they were different. Still, there is a similarity to the design elements in that some sections are lightened and some are darkened. In fact, there is a similarity between all the CARET drawings and the crop circle in terms of the the overall "graphic look" of the design elements. In the image below, the portion of the design from the CARET document has been rotated from its original position (in the document) to align more with the "Football" shape in the crop circle for comparison.

Second Image:
A portion from one of the CARET "schematic" renderings showing the strange "script", compared to the "script" in the crop circle for comparison. The characters appear to be similar but I couldn't find any exact matches.

For anyone not familiar with the "Drone" UFO case (one of the biggest and most controversial UFO cases of 2007) here is a website where all known information/research/photos/etc have been collected for easy reference:

I found an old posting I'd made to another forum back then. It shows some of my photo analysis of some of the symbols on the underside of the "wing" of the craft. Interestingly (although no one else seems to have made the connection) there was a curious crop circle in Tennessee at the same time that I thought might have a connection to the Drone sightings. Here's a link to the images and the information I posted on that forum:,+California


  1. Thanks for the back-link to Gary although a more comprehensive summary & timeline is available at:


  2. Did you see this? Scroll down:

  3. I think I must be missing a trick here as I can’t see the overall similarity and there are no two circles that are similarly placed or geometrically close enough to warrant a direct comparison with the LAP, I also can’t see one symbol or glyph that is similar enough to justify a direct comparison.

    Not to mention the (English) text supplied by the alleged whistleblower ‘Isaac’ which explained the functions of the schematics completely negates the possibility that this recent circle is connected on any level except that of vague inspiration, and even then the connection is tenuous at best.

    Let’s face it, the schematics supplied back in 2007 whilst pretty were essentially interconnected circles, so I suspect that by their very definition the majority of crop CIRCLES which have intersecting forms could be forced to fit this preconceived notion with minimal effort.

    However this doesn’t validate the association in any way, shape or form.